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- - THIS IS - -



Now You Can Turn $9.00 A Month  

Into $18,000 A Month - And More! 

"Occasionally, Perhaps Only Once In A Lifetime

Does Something Come Along, That Can Quickly  

Change Your Financial Future Forever!"

HappyD, CEO


     Let me take a brief moment to give you the ‘GENESIS’ of how all this was born… Why it's such a NO BRAINER and why you would be smart to give this 10 days days to see that - I Am 200% Right!


     After many successful years as a freelance business writer, I took an early retirement and after several months bored out of my mind playing couch potato, I started driving - UBER.  Then one day I had the fortune to pick up a very attractive lady on her way to Los Angeles Airport headed to San Francisco and then on out into Silicon Valley.


     During the long ride in grueling traffic, the conversation led to what she did for a living and it turns out, she is the CEO of one of the largest freelancing platforms in the world, where businesses and independent professional home workers connect and collaborate remotely.  

"We started UpWorks back in 2020

and in just 4 short years, placed over 12 million

“Freelancers” into legitimate home employment". 

Ms. Hayden Brown, CEO - UpWorks

     To my amazement, she said they just did not have enough great homeworking candidates to fill the constantly changing global home employment job market.  Well for me it was one of those mind bending, explosive “aha moments” and was born! 


     As Independent Mailing List Processor for our company, you will help us build the World's Largest Opt-In Mailing List of "Freelancers" on the planet!  We then help these wonderful folks quickly make that giant leap into Legitimate Home Employment  - -  Making Much Better Money  - -  Doing What They Truly Love!


Now How Many People Want To

Work @ Home

Doing What They Truly Love? 

 -- The Answer Is --

Over - 3.58 BILLION - People!

"That’s Over -- ½ The World’s Population".


- - Get Your Share Of Billions - - 

     By working as an Independent List Processor, you receive $5.00 in CASH MONEY EACH AND EVERY MONTH for every person you refer into our "FreeLancers" Opt-In Mailing List.  Yes, I said - - EACH AND VERY MONTH!  Each month's income is automatically added to your next month's income!   

- - Let's Do The Math - -

Month #1 

10 people A Day x 30 Days x $5.00  = $1,500

Month #2

10 People A Day x 30 Days x $5.00 = $3,000

Month #3

10 people A Day x 30 days x $5.00 = $4,500

Month #12

Your Income Is - $18,000 A Month!


"It's' So Easy To Get

10 People A Day With

What I Give You!"

It Will Blow Your Mind!

     So Why Is This

                  Such A ‘NO BRAINER’ 

                              And The NEXT Big One? 


Well Folks, It’s All About The Math.

     How many people own a cell phone?  

     Over 3.58 Billion


     How many people can connect to the internet using their cell phone?

     Over 3.58 Billion


     How many people want to work@home doing what they love?

     Over 3.58 Billion

     How many people want to make more money working from home?

     Over 3.58 Billion

If You Sincerely Want To Turn

$9.00 A Month Into - $18,000 A Month And UP

Then Let's Get This Party Started!


Well of course you can have your - $9.00 Back

if this is not for you, I only work with WINNERS!

Give Me Just '3' Minutes Now

And I Will - Change Your Life!


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